Ecological washable nappies Doodush

are the products of the best quality made in Poland with PUL material.

These nappies have all advantages of disposable nappies:

  • they are comfortable in use – you can put them on as quickly as you put on pampers nappies,
  • they have got a membrane (breathing and waterproof material) preventing the leakage,
  • they are very absorptive,
  • they are convenient, delicate but also resistant,
  • they have got interesting patterns,

The skin chafe is minimal – the skin is warm and dry thanks to the microclimate.

Doodush nappies are not only healthy and comfortable but also economic and ecological. They are washed, not thrown away..

We are doing ouer best to give parents and children comfort and joy. We care about details on each aspect of production. Simple panties are in fact a very complicated product, design suit infants and two years old children too.
Our nappies are made in Poland.Polish fibre PUL is used to make them and best textile industry manufactures cooperate.

Our nappies have got Oeko-tex Standard certificate to make them safe for babies.
Doodush - calm nights and happy days.