User’s handbook

DUDUŚ – nappies for every child

Dudusie polish washable nappies are produced to make parenthood clever and to bring up a healthy child. This handbook is to encourage parents to choose our nappies. If you hesitate, read this following information to solve your doubts and myths. Advantages and disadvantages of washable nappies are known. Let’s think how to use them.

How to use DUDUŚ nappies

Washable nappies DUDUŚ ONE SIZE can be used all the time thanks to adhesive tapes. Size can be regulated. Rubbers prevent the leakage.

1. The size of the nappy can be regulated with the front adhesive tapes (double vertical row). It is known from the very beginning what size is the best for the baby.

2. A clean absorption strip is put into a nappy. Nappies contain two layers of material: Outer one – waterproof, breathing PUL Inner one – micropolar keeping the skin dry There is an empty space between layers – pocket where an absorption strip is put. It can be a bamboo flanned or an absorption strip. An absorption strip absorbs better, dries quicker and fits the body.


Some extra sets of nappies should be at hand. Pockets are comfortable as disposable nappies.

3. The nappy is ready to put on. It should be worn close to the skin using tapes. There are a lot of adhesive tapes so the nappy fits well.

How to put on and use an envelop

ONE SIZE envelop is made from the same material as a nappy. The difference between an envelop and a nappy is the size, width and the inner layer. The envelop has not gone a pocket but a fold made from PUL and micropolar. An absorption strip can be put inside. It absorbs better, dries quicker and fits the body. All absorption strips have got a micropolar binding. If we want to use a different strip, a dry nappy is recommended. If the envelop is not dirty, it can be used longer. Only a strip should be changed.
It is also possieble to use more strips at night or if wider nappies are needed. Two or three strips can be used so we can put strips of different size all the time.

How many nappies do we need and how often should we change them

Nappies and envelops have the SIZE ONE and we can buy them individually. We hope that you will see the adventages of washable nappies and after buying the first one you will buy the next one. We change nappies when it is necessary.

The amount of nappies depends on the age of the child and how often you want to wash the nappies. The infant needs about 10 nappies a day, older children 6-8.
If you wash nappies every day Mini set is recommended – 2 nappies, 3 envelopes and 10 absorption sets or a “dry nappy”. We should have more absorption sets than nappies/envelops because we change sets 4-5 times. We can also have the double amount of sets for the envelop if we want uor child to have calm and dry night. The economic set is more comfortable: 4 nappies, 6 envelops, 20 absorption set is the best for “nappy time” and can be given to the next children. This is only our opinion but you can decide yourselves. Remember – if you buy more nappies and envelops you will pay more, but you will feel comfortable

How to wash nappies, envelops and strips

Before using the new nappies wash them. Do the same with strips. Dirt from the nappies should be removed and they should be flush in running water. Absorption strips are removed. Nappies are washed in the washing machine temperature 40-60 with the washing powder for children and antibacterial powder. Do not use softening liquids or soap. You can use ethereal oil to the last rinse. Nappies and envelops spin-dry at 800. Spinning over 1000 can be dangerous for PUL and can cause humidity. Dry nappies after washing. Do not dry them on the radiator or in the dryer because the fibre can be damaged and the nappy can drip down through. Dry the nappies in the open air. Do not iron them because PUL can be damaged.
What we need for use washable nappies?

  • washing machine and washing powder,
  • plastic bucket for dirty nappies,
  • antiseptic oil to kill an unpleasant smell,
  • container for nappies,
  • soap remover,
  • antibacterial powder,

Why do nappies saturate

  • wrong size of nappies,
  • wrong washing,
  • too much washing powder,
  • używanie płynów zmiękczających - not ready,
  • softening liquid,
  • cream used for babies bums,
  • too seldom changing the nappies.