Why Duduś nappies

Why are DUDUŚ washable nappies the best?

We want to show you the reasons why our nappies can be useful. If you do not decide to use our nappies, it is worth buying one just in case. It can be helpful if you do not have a disposable nappy and a child’s skin can be aired. However, we would like you to use washable nappies because of a lot of advantages.


DUDUŚ- health for your baby

Our babies spend a lot of time wearing nappies so we should choose the best ones. Research shows that a baby skin can become overheated while using disposable nappies. These nappies are made from polietylen obtained from oil (one glass per a nappy) and there are also chemical substances for example absorptive gel or waterproof and a non breathing layer (inserted strip) which can cause allergy. These are mostly substances which can change urine into gel and preservatives. They can cause a rash and chafe of the skin. According to some doctors disposable nappies can cause fertility problems because genitals can get higher temperature.

Our nappies are healthy:

  • they are not allergic,
  • they do not include artificial substances,
  • they do not overheat the genitals,
  • they are good for hip-joints (wide nappies prevent hip-joints problems),

Washable nappies DUDUŚ are made of the best quality polish materials. They have got a watertight layer and easy flow of the air. A baby skin is dry and healthy.


DUDUŚ economic nappies

Finally washable nappies are half cheaper than disposable nappies. However, you should spend the money at the very beginning. The cost of our nappies is cheaper if you take into the account the washing powder, water and energy. Nappies should be washed every second day using half the amount of washing powder. They can be washed after giving them a rinse with other baby clothes. We do no use softening liqids and we do not iron them. Nappies can be used for the next child or can be sold.


DUDUŚ – green world around us

One child uses about 5400 disposable nappies during 2.5 years what makes 1,5 ton of litter. These are about 18 milliard disposable nappies. The waste cannot be utilized because of the gel inside which should not be burn. In fact the disposable nappies (with excrete from the body) are the biggest source of waste after papers, containers and food wrapping. They decay within 500 years but rolled in plastic can decay forever...

Look: www.kingstonmertonrealnappies.org.uk
Washable nappies are ecological and protect our environment because:

  • we need only serval nappies,
  • they can be used with younger siblings,
  • they do not have absorptive gel,
  • one glass of oil is needed to produce plastic for a disposable nappy,
  • 4-5 trees are needed to produce paper for a disposable nappy,
  • washable nappies can be washed in a minimal amount of water (a person need in toilet a day),
  • the amount of energy is very low,
  • waste can go to the sewage,
  • children are taught to use the same things many times.


DUDUŚ – trendy baby

Washable nappies are not only healthy, ecological and cheap but they give mothers a lot of possibilities to choose different patterns and colours. They are beautiful and trendy, made from the best quality of PUL material, an inner antialergic layer resistant to washing. The nappy is hygienic, modern and colorful.
DUDUŚ nappies are as handy as disposable nappies:

  • they do not emit unpleasant smell,
  • pooh can be removed easily,
  • a child understands his physiological functions and use a potty,
  • they are nice and pleasant,
  • they give parents control over the pooh,
  • they can be washed every second day,

A lot of adhesive tapes make it possible to use the nappies in younger and older babies. Nappies do not leak and suit the bottom well. Receptive fillers (strips) size S, M, L were designed to nappies and envelops.

Polish product

DUDUŚ – buy Polish goods

Designed and produced in Poland, DUDUŚ nappies connect tradition and modernity in looking after babies. We are in favour of polish industry and cooperation with textile industry.

Polish quality means the world quality.